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S5E16: Felina

Imagen para el episodio 5x16: Felina

Series finale! Thank you Walter, Jesse, Skyler, Saul, Hank... you're awesome! A tear drop fell from my eye...

S5E15: Granite State

Imagen para el episodio 5x15: Granite State

This time, events set in motion in the past move toward a final conclusion. Just one episode to the final!

S5E14: Ozymandias

Imagen para el episodio 5x14: Ozymandias

Every character struggles against radically changed circumstances in several different ways. What will Hank do with Walt? Jesse, is he going to stay alive?

S5E13: To'hajiilee

Imagen para el episodio 5x13: To'hajiilee

In this episode, things heat up for Walt in many ways. Do you remember Jesse's threat?

S5E12: Rabid Dog

Imagen para el episodio 5x12: Rabid Dog

An unusual strategy flourishes; potentially life-changing plans are set in motion. Does it involve Hank's investigation?

S5E11: Confessions

Imagen para el episodio 5x11: Confessions

Jesse decides to make a change. Meanwhile, Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand

S5E10: Buried

Imagen para el episodio 5x10: Buried

While Skyler's past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Meanwhile, Jesse continues to struggle with his own guilt

S5E09: Blood Money

Imagen para el episodio 5x9: Blood Money

As Walt and Jesse adjust to life out of the business, Hank deals with a big lead. Do you remember the last episode finale?

S5E08: Gliding Over All

Imagen para el episodio 5x8: Gliding Over All

Hank keeps pushing Mike's people until one of them is ready to confess. The business keeps working, but this is the first-half season finale, so no more spoilers!

S5E07: Say My Name

Imagen para el episodio 5x7: Say My Name

Despite of Mike and Jesse's desire to quit the business, Walter meets some meth-distributors from Phoneix to expand his empire. On the other hand, it looks like Hank has an ace up his sleeve!

S5E06: Buyout

Imagen para el episodio 5x6: Buyout

Now, Walt, Jesse and Mike must decide what to do with Todd. Meanwhile, Hank tries to look after Mike, waiting for him to make a mistake

S5E05: Dead Freight

Imagen para el episodio 5x5: Dead Freight

A magnificient plan comes up in order to get what the team deserves to cook. Meanwhile, Skyler shows what she is capable of and Walter Jr. keeps staying at Hank's house

S5E04: Fifty-One

Imagen para el episodio 5x4: Fifty-One

Walter rents two fancy cars, one for himself and one for his son. His 51th birthday is close and he wants to throw a party, despite of Marie's worries on Skyler

S5E03: Hazard Pay

Imagen para el episodio 5x3: Hazard Pay

Walt, Jesse and Mike go back to the business. Meanwhile, Marie notices that something is happening to Skyler

S5E02: Madrigal

Imagen para el episodio 5x2: Madrigal

In Germany, the owner of a multinational company commits suicide as he's being interrogated by the police. How will this connect to Walt and Jesse's work?

S5E01: Live Free or Die

Imagen para el episodio 5x1: Live Free or Die

This episode starts with a flashforward to Walt's 52th birthday. He's scruffy and has a forged driver license. Moreover, the story continues after Gus death

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